Multi-cloud connection: Transfer files between Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage using SFTP Gateway

multi-cloud connection

What is multi-cloud connection and why is it important?

Sometimes you and your users need to connect to more than one cloud storage location. 

For example, your development team decides to code in AWS Lambda, but the data they need is stored in Azure Blob. The team doesn’t want to do the development in Azure and so they need a way to move this data to AWS to get their work done.

The team can easily transfer their files from Azure Blob Storage to Amazon S3, using SFTP Gateway’s multi-cloud connection capabilities. It’s as simple as setting up two folders, with each one pointing to a different cloud storage location. Check out the video below to see what multi-cloud connection looks like in SFTP Gateway.

This configuration allows you to instantly transfer all your files from one cloud to another with a single SFTP connection.

Making this file transfer process even simpler is the fact that you only need to spin up one server–either on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)–and you can access multiple clouds from that one server. There’s no need to spin up a server in each cloud in order to get multi-cloud connections with SFTP Gateway. 

Follow these multi-cloud connection set-up instructions

Ready to get started with securely transferring files between cloud storage locations using SFTP Gateway? Just follow these simple, multi-cloud connection set-up instructions in our Knowledge Base.

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