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Features like PGP decryption, checksum validation, email notifications, virus scanning and more can be added to your SFTP Gateway solution or to any existing cloud solution. 

We call these Add-Ons.  

Add-Ons are standalone cloud functions that are automatically triggered when an event takes place in cloud storage locations like S3, Blob and Google Cloud Storage. 

Learn what each Add-On does and how to deploy them below.

Deploy Add-Ons yourself or hire the Thorn Tech team

Add-ons are open source code maintained by Thorn Technologies. You can deploy Add-Ons yourself, using documentation available on our blog and in the Knowledge Base. 

Don’t want to deploy Add-Ons yourself?
Hire the Thorn Tech team to do this work. We can implement most Add-On solutions for $1,500 or less.

Learn what each Add-On does and how to deploy it

The PGP Decryption Add-On automates the process of decrypting PGP encrypted files that were transferred to a cloud storage location.

The Checksum Validation Add-On verifies that all the bytes were transferred successfully to a cloud storage location with no errors.

The Email Alert Add-On monitors a cloud storage location and notifies you when a file is uploaded to it, passing along important details as well, like the files’s location size and MD5 hash.

The Virus Scanning Add-On automatically scans any file being uploaded to a cloud storage location for viruses and can move any infected files into a quarantine folder, delete them, add a tag or notify you.

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