A new Dropbox alternative for cloud storage in 2023 from Thorn Technologies

Dropbox alternative for cloud storage

We’re about to launch a private, Dropbox alternative for cloud storage

In a recent YouTube livestream, CEO Jeff Thorn announced that we’re building a web-based file transfer product, which will allow users to move files to your private cloud storage locations from a web browser, without needing an SFTP client. 

Managed Files Transfers (MFT) are about to get a whole lot easier, especially for your users. 

With a familiar file system user interface, users can drag and drop files into their browser to upload to your private cloud storage. They can also browse and download files with a single click.

Key features of our new Dropbox alternative for cloud storage

With the new product, users will be able to simply upload files in their web browser and they will be moved to your organization’s designated cloud storage location. Your users can also download files, if you choose to give them those permissions. 

You’ll be able to give users access to certain folders only, if you choose to, allowing you to have separate folders for different clients, projects or work groups. You can even map each folder to a different cloud service provider. All of this can be managed from the admin dashboard.  

You’ll also be able to private label our new web-based file transfer solution, so your users see your business’s branding when they transfer files to and from your private cloud storage. If you have clients with users who need to transfer files, those clients could each roll out their own private label solution bearing their logo. To the user, it will look like your company or your client’s organization has its own, branded, web-based file transfer product.

Better security with our Dropbox alternative for cloud storage

With this new Dropbox alternative from Thorn Technologies, your files won’t be saved on any third-party platform, as is the case with many file sharing programs. Files your users have access to will be on in your private Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage location, rather than on a third-party platform like Dropbox, MEGA or OneDrive. 

This gives you and your users more peace-of-mind, knowing files are only moving to and from your private cloud folders and not onto a third-party platform. Our web-based file transfer product will only act as a gateway – your files will never be stored anywhere within our product. The files will move from your users desktops directly to your secure cloud storage folders with AWS, Azure or Google.

Give your users SFTP access to cloud storage locations now with SFTP Gateway

You can also check out SFTP Gateway, a product of ours that’s already available and gives users SFTP access to cloud storage locations like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. It’s simple, secure and affordable way to allow users to SFTP files to and/or from your cloud storage locations. To learn more about SFTP Gateway, check out our YouTube channel.

For more on our new Dropbox alternative for cloud storage product and to hear about how we got started with our first product, SFTP Gateway, check out the video below. 

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