How SFTP Gateway allows for secure cloud file transfers to locations like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

secure cloud file transfers

As business has shifted to the cloud, secure cloud file transfers to storage locations like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and the Google Cloud Platform have become critical. 

The focus on cloud-related security is only going to grow from here. Approximately 50 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud as of 2021, up from 30 percent in 2015, according to Things are changing rapidly.

The challenge for admins and IT leaders is to find a solution that allows their users to access these cloud storage locations securely without making things overly complicated or expensive for their organization. That’s where SFTP Gateway comes in. 

SFTP Gateway allows you to easily make file transfers inside or outside your organization, and security is a top priority. Available in the AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, or Google Cloud Marketplace, SFTP Gateway uses sensible defaults to ensure the platform offers secure cloud connectivity without needing additional configuration by you or other users, whether they’re internal or external. 

With SFTP Gateway, you get a cloud SFTP platform that is both easy to use and safe at the same time. And you only pay for what you use by the hour. It’s simple, secure, and affordable. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into SFTP Gateway and security specifically. 

How SFTP Gateway offers you a secure cloud file transfer solution

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken at Thorn Technologies to make secure cloud file transfers a priority with SFTP Gateway:

  • SFTP Gateway v3.0 allows for encryption at rest and in transit.
  • The platform is configured to comply with corporate security policies that require key-based SFTP file transfers.
  • Multiple SSH keys can be assigned to a single SFTP user.
  • Although we don’t recommend password-based authentication, SFTP Gateway does support it, with password complexity rules and brute force attack protection.
  • An independent third-party security audit of SFTP Gateway was conducted.
  • SFTP Gateway allows for server-side encryption using SSE-S3 and KMS.
  • Per-user IP whitelisting in SFTP Gateway v3.0 allows you to restrict authentication attempts to a certain user.
  • Also new for v3.0, audit logging allows you to record authentication attempts and SFTP actions by specific users.

What’s important to you and your organization when it comes to accessing cloud storage locations? Let us know in the comments below, send us a tweet or email us at We love hearing from users and those considering the platform.

Many of the features we’ve added to new versions of SFTP Gateway are based on user feedback. We hope you’ll continue to provide input about what you like and what you’d like to see us add to future versions.

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