SFTP Gateway is available as a SaaS SFTP service

SaaS SFTP service

Looking for a SaaS SFTP service? SFTP Gateway from Thorn Technologies is now available as a SaaS cloud file transfer solution. Thousands of users already rely on SFTP Gateway as a simple, secure, and affordable way to give SFTP users access to cloud storage locations. 

Now, we’ve made it even easier for you to leverage the power of SFTP Gateway. We’ve created the SFTP Gateway Single User Plan, requiring even less technical experience to connect to the cloud via SFTP. Get started in minutes with a 30-day free trial of SFTP Gateway. No credit card or commitment is required, and it costs only $9/month per user once the free trial ends. 

The simple SaaS SFTP service option

With the SFTP Gateway Single User Plan, you don’t need to purchase servers or maintain any IT infrastructure. There’s no writing code or technical expertise needed. No set-up or installation is required on your end for this SaaS SFTP service; the Thorn Technologies support team will take care of all that when you register for your free trial. When we say SFTP Gateway is simple, we mean it.

The SFTP Gateway Single User Plan includes:

  • High availability SFTP and redundancy, minimizing downtime and ensuring data accessibility
  • Free onboarding process to help users get started
  • Free email support available to all users
  • Free access to Knowledge Base help documentation
  • Cross-cloud compatibility, enabling seamless integration across different cloud platforms
  • Having data stored in your cloud bucket for increased security and control and more!

You only need to provide your name and email address to take advantage of the free trial for our SaaS SFTP service. Then, we’ll send you your login credentials via email to get you set up with a 30-day free trial of our Single User Plan. Get started now on your free trial of the new SaaS version of SFTP Gateway.

In addition to our Single User Plan, we offer a Self-Managed plan allowing you to host SFTP Gateway independently. We can also develop custom solutions for organizations with our Dedicated Hosting plan. Check out the SFTP Gateway product grid to learn more about your options. Visit the Thorn Technologies channel on YouTube for videos on cloud computing, file transfers, and more

SaaS SFTP service free trial

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