Making our file transfer solutions affordable

file transfer solutions affordable

From the beginning, we’ve focused on making our file transfer solutions affordable.

With our Self-Managed Plan, SFTP Gateway costs just six cents an hour, plus the cloud infrastructure costs you pay to AWS, Amazon, or Google Cloud. This makes it a much more affordable solution than AWS Transfer or Azure’s SFTP service. 

Let’s talk about how this is possible. 

Why is SFTP Gateway so inexpensive as a file transfer solution?

When we were building SFTP Gateway several years ago, there weren’t any other SFTP products that wrote directly to cloud storage. We were the first in the category. 

As we took a look around the cloud marketplaces, one of the biggest things we noticed was that many cloud-related products come with a “scaling” fee. 

For example, if you’re running on AWS, this means that the larger the EC2 instance, the more expensive the product. We realized that this pricing model doesn’t make sense for our users. 

There’s no additional effort or burden for us as a company if users deploy one EC2 instance size or another. So we thought, why burden customers with additional fees just because they might choose to deploy a certain EC2 instance size? We could make our file transfer solutions affordable. 

We implemented a flat pricing model of just $0.06 per hour across the board when we launched SFTP Gateway on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This means that you can choose the instance size that works best for you without worrying about the cost. 

In the end, we’re here to help solve problems for people. We can make a profit as an organization, allowing us to employ people and develop new products while also freeing up space in your budget at the same time.

There’s no need for us to charge as much as companies like Amazon and Microsoft charge for their SFTP solutions. In fact, this approach of making our file transfer solutions affordable helps us to gain customers. We’ve grown our business on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 

Price isn’t the only area where our file transfer products have an edge

For a look at how SFTP Gateway outperforms AWS Transfer in areas beyond just pricing, check out this SFTP Gateway vs. AWS Transfer analysis. You’ll discover all the ways SFTP Gateway is much easier to use, requiring less technical expertise.

Ready to get started with SFTP Gateway? Check out our SFTP Gateway product options, including our new Single User Plan, which is a SaaS version of SFTP Gateway

For a closer look inside a tech start-up making file transfer solutions affordable

If you want to learn more about the thinking that went into our pricing and other lessons learned from launching SFTP Gateway, check out this LinkedIn article our CEO, Jeff Thorn, wrote: Lessons Learned Launching a Tech Product. 

For even more thoughts from Jeff on what it’s like to start a company, watch the replay of Thorn Technologies Office Hours: Episode #002 on Youtube.

Our new web-based product is also aimed at making file transfer solutions affordable

We’re getting ready to launch a private Dropbox alternative for cloud storage.

With this to-be-named product, users can drag and drop files into their browser to upload to their private cloud storage. They can also browse and download files with a single click.

You’ll also be able to private label our new web-based file transfer solution so your users see your business’s branding when they transfer files to and from your private cloud storage.

This product is currently in beta, and we’ll keep you posted on its official release as we continue our work at making file transfer solutions affordable.

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