SFTP Gateway SaaS cloud file transfer

SFTP Gateway for Alibaba Cloud

SFTP Gateway for Alibaba Cloud lets you simply and securely upload files to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) via SFTP.

SFTP Gateway for Alibaba Cloud includes a web interface and REST API that simplifies user management, folder permissions and instance administration, whether you’re supporting a single user or thousands.

Deploy SFTP Gateway from the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and pay just seven cents an hour, plus your cloud infrastructure costs. SFTP Gateway is also available as a SaaS SFTP service for $9 a month per user. 

And with SFTP Gateway’s multi-cloud connection capabilities, you can move files from one cloud to another in an instant. It’s a great option for data migration.

With SFTP Gateway, users connect using the SFTP client of their choice.  File data is streamed directly to your private Alibaba cloud storage, without being stored anywhere along the way. Thorn Technologies never touches your data.

Frequently Asked Questions About SFTP Gateway for Alibaba

SFTP Gateway is useful for System Administrators who need to deploy a simple, secure and affordable Cloud File Transfer solution. It is also ideal for a solution architect or development lead who is designing a new application or migrating an existing application to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) via SFTP and is required to maintain legacy file-based interfaces with several independent or third-party systems.

SFTP Gateway costs $0.07 per hour, plus your cloud infrastructure charges from Alibaba Cloud.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up SFTP Gateway!

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