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Did you see our CEO Jeff Thorn’s recent LinkedIn post about our products and cloud data protection? He wrote:

We sell bricks. 🧱 Our customers build their secure file transfer fortresses using our bricks. They stack them as high or as wide as they want across their organization and maintain complete control of their data.

We don’t have access to their data. We don’t want access to their data.

This is what differentiates SFTP Gateway and StorageLink from other file-sharing or MFT products. Customer data is never exposed to a third party, including us at Thorn Technologies.

Deploying a single brick is easy, so give it a try. It is free for 30 days.

Deploying hundreds of bricks across your organization is also easy. They can be auto-scaled as virtual machine images or Docker containers.

Large organizations around the globe are deploying our bricks as lightweight, reliable, and cost-effective alternatives to legacy Managed File Transfer products, saving them millions each year.

Do you need any bricks?

Get the cloud data protection you seek

If you’re unhappy with how your data is handled in your current file transfer system, let’s discuss how we can help you.

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink offer organizations lightweight, scalable, cost-effective alternatives to legacy Managed File Transfer (MFT) systems. With our cloud file transfer products, your data is never held by a third party, including Thorn Technologies, providing secure file sharing for you and your users.

Documentation on cloud data protection and more

We want to ensure you have everything you need to show your team how switching to a Thorn Technologies solution can benefit your company. That’s why we’ve created a Cloud File Transfer Solutions two-pager explaining precisely what we do. Check it out and share it with your team.

Our Knowledge Base is filled with additional documentation to help you with your decision and with the deployment of our products.

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