MFT Enterprise Solution Alternatives

Cost-effective alternatives to legacy MFT solutions

Transitioning away from costly enterprise solutions for managed file transfers (MFT) saves organizations thousands or even millions of dollars annually.

For those seeking a large-scale deployment, volume licensing offers an affordable solution with customization options and priority support from the Thorn Technologies team. Schedule a call with us to learn more about how large organizations are moving away from legacy MFT systems in favor of SFTP Gateway and StorageLink.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) alternatives architecture diagram

What You Get With Thorn Tech MFT Products

Minimal Admin

Manage users in the web dashboard. Integrates with any OIDC identity provider.

Cross Cloud

Users only need to be set up once and can access multiple cloud storage providers.

User Isolation

Users are bound to their home directory. Tune access with fine grain permissions.

Data Protection

Your data is never held by a third party, including Thorn Technologies.

Trusted Support

Products come with free email support. High-priority support packages are also available.

How we'll work together in four stages

1. Verification

We’ll give you a free development license with support for non-production environments. We prioritize your success and address any concerns during verification until you’re satisfied and ready to proceed.

2. Customization

You get customized development services for SFTP Gateway and StorageLink, tailored to your specifications, before or during verification. You’ll work with an agile team experienced in creating custom cloud computing add-ons.

3. Licensing

You will securely host your instances independently with our flexible annual license, tailored to your budget. Each year, we’ll meet to make sure the current license still meets your needs.

4. Support

As an Enterprise level customers, you can count on us for guaranteed response times, prioritized technical support, timely security updates, and access to the latest product releases.

Helpful documentation

We want to ensure you have everything you need to show your team how switching to a Thorn Technologies MFT solution can benefit your organization. 

That’s why we’ve created a two-pager explaining precisely what we do. 

Crafted around some of the frequently asked questions we receive, the document includes an architecture diagram and details about both of our products, SFTP Gateway and StorageLink.

For additional help, our Knowledge Base is filled with documentation for SFTP Gateway and StorageLink.

Two-page PDF on Thorn Tech solutions

Discover how others are using Thorn Tech products

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