Enterprise Software Development

We build high-transaction enterprise applications and backend software to power your business.

Enterprise Applications

Sometimes you need more than a website. We build large-scale enterprise applications like messaging systems, analytics platforms, customer relationship management software, and more to drive your business forward.

Backend Software

Mobile apps and websites are powered by behind-the-scenes backend software. We develop location-based content management systems, data warehouses, and high-transaction platforms that deliver data and content fast.

API Development

Software systems need to be able to talk to each other and share data. We build Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect these platforms so your data can be leveraged effectively and your business can be more efficient.

Enterprise Software to Drive Your Business

 While mobile apps, websites, and messaging can be seen on the front lines, enterprise applications and backend software are the foundation on which these run. Thorn Technologies has extensive experience in building high-volume enterprise applications, powerful backend software, and APIs that help businesses accelerate their processes and grow their bottom line.
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