Replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway

replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway

Financial institutions and large organizations around the globe are replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway and other legacy managed file transfer (MFT) systems with high-availability deployments of SFTP Gateway for a leaner, reliable, and cost-effective alternative.

One example of SFTP Gateway replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway

In late 2023, Thorn Technologies helped a global organization begin moving away from IBM Sterling File Gateway, which will likely save them millions of dollars in the coming years.

The project began with Thorn Technologies granting the organization a free development license for SFTP Gateway with support in a non-production environment. This allowed for any concerns to be addressed before progressing with the project.

Once that verification stage was complete, Thorn Technologies started on customized development services for SFTP Gateway and StorageLink, tailored to the organization’s specifications.

For large companies, volume licensing of SFTP Gateway and StorageLink offers an affordable solution with customization options and priority support from the Thorn Technologies team. Enterprise-level customers get guaranteed response times, prioritized technical support, timely security updates, and access to the latest product releases.

Security is another reason organizations like this large global company have chosen to work with Thorn Technologies.

We never touch your data

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink allow an organization to control its data completely, which isn’t true for every file transfer solution.

When you use SFTP Gateway or StorageLink, all data is stored in your private cloud storage locations, and access is granted only to the users you manage. Users can view, upload, download, or delete files based on the permissions you give them. Third parties, including Thorn Technologies, cannot access your cloud environment, deployed SFTP Gateway and StorageLink applications, or your data.

With SFTP Gateway, users connect using the SFTP client of their choice. When using StorageLink, users drag and drop files in their web browser. In both cases, file data is streamed directly to your private cloud storage without being stored anywhere along the way.

What You Get With Thorn Tech MFT Products

Minimal Admin
Manage users in the web dashboard. Integrates with any OIDC identity provider.

Users only need to be set up once and can access multiple cloud storage providers.

User Isolation
Users are bound to their home directory. Tune access with fine-grain permissions.

Data Protection
A third party, including Thorn Technologies never holds your data.

Trusted Support
Products come with free email support. High-priority support packages are also available and included in Enterprise-level agreements.

Are you interested in replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway?

Are you grappling with significant data transfer challenges? Are you using a legacy MFT solution that does not work seamlessly with your preferred cloud provider? Perhaps you have something developed in-house that is difficult to maintain or does not scale?

Connect with our team, and we’ll schedule a call to learn more about your needs, whether you’re replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway or looking to upgrade your file transfer solutions in some other way.

For additional documentation related to SFTP Gateway and StorageLinkl, check out our extensive Knowledge Base and our YouTube channel.

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