Secure file sharing to and from the cloud

secure file sharing

When you use Thorn Technologies cloud file transfer products, you get secure file sharing to the cloud. One primary reason for this is that we never touch your data.

How we make secure file sharing possible

When you use SFTP Gateway or StorageLink, all data is stored in your private cloud storage locations, and access is granted only to the users you manage. Third parties, including Thorn Technologies, cannot access your cloud environment, deployed SFTP Gateway and StorageLink applications, or your data.

With both of our cloud file transfer products, users can view, upload, download, or delete files based on the permissions you give them.

With SFTP Gateway, users connect using the SFTP client of their choice. When using StorageLink, users drag and drop files in their web browser. In both cases, file data is streamed directly to your private cloud storage without being stored anywhere along the way.

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink are sold as commercial off-the-shelf products on the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces. Both products are deployed as virtual machine or container images that run exclusively in your private cloud

Secure file sharing isn’t the only advantage you’ll get with SFTP Gateway and StorageLink

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink are lightweight, simple to deploy, easy to scale, and designed specifically for the cloud. Both products leverage cloud-native resources, and relying on third-party dependencies like Oracle databases is unnecessary.

The cost to run SFTP Gateway and StorageLink is less than ten cents an hour per instance. Since Thorn Technologies never stores your data, your cloud provider is the only party you pay for storage.

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink can be autoscaled as virtual machine images or Docker containers. You can support a single user or thousands of them.

Get started with secure file sharing today

To learn more about SFTP Gateway, check out this two-minute video. This demo video explains more about how StorageLink works. Both of these cloud file transfer tools come with a 30-day free trial. Get started today with a secure file transfer solution.

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