20 cloud computing help videos to turn you into an expert on SFTP Gateway and more

cloud computing help videos

We just released 20 new cloud computing help videos–most of them less than two minutes in length–designed to help with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and SFTP Gateway. Most of these videos are less than two minutes long and will have you looking like a skilled SFTP Gateway admin and cloud computing expert in no time!

Some of these videos relate to our product SFTP Gateway, which you can use to give users SFTP access to cloud storage locations on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Other videos in the playlist are about cloud computing in general and can be applied outside of SFTP Gateway.

Additional resources to further improve your SFTP Gateway and cloud computing skills

For additional resources related to SFTP Gateway, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base, which is filled with documentation you can follow to further enhance your skills. We also have another SFTP Gateway help playlist on YouTube that includes longer videos, with quick start guides, product demos and more.

To learn how to do even more with SFTP Gateway and the cloud, check out our Cloud Computing Add-Ons, where you can learn how to deploy features like PGP decryption and email notifications for your cloud solutions.

Get started with the cloud computing help videos

You can get started with the cloud computing help videos by hitting the red play button below, or read on for more details about everything in the playlist.

Topics covered in the cloud computing help videos

  • How to run YUM updates for AWS
  • How to run OS updates for Azure
  • How to run the in-place upgrade script for SFTP Gateway
  • How to reset/create admin credentials for SFTP Gateway
  • How to create Linux admin credentials for SFTP Gateway
  • How to create new users for SFTP Gateway
  • How to generate a new SSH key pair
  • How to SSH into your instance using PuTTY
  • How to convert a PEM key to PPK
  • How to disable the resume/transfer setting for WinSCP
  • How the default bucket for AWS works
  • How to create an SSL certificate for AWS
  • How to create an SSL certificate for Azure
  • How to lower the security level configuration for SFTP Gateway
  • How to create the default Azure cloud connection for SFTP Gateway
  • How to configure folder permissions for SFTP Gateway
  • How to set up the default Google Cloud connection for SFTP Gateway
  • How to configure multiple SSH keys for a user in SFTP Gateway
  • How to create an SSH key and/or password for a user in SFTP Gateway
  • How to configure the IP allow list for a user in SFTP Gateway

Do you have an idea for another cloud computing or SFTP Gateway video you’d like us to create? Just post a comment below or get in touch with us through our website’s Contact Us form.

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We offer free email support for SFTP Gateway. Our support team generally replies within 24 hours Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM ET. If you need a higher level of support, in the form of a faster response or help via phone and/or screen share, we offer Advanced and Premium support package options starting at US$99/month or US$799/year.

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