Using SFTP Gateway to easily transfer files to Google Cloud Storage

transfer files to Google Cloud

If you missed the news earlier this year, SFTP Gateway can be used to transfer files to Google Cloud Storage via SFTP now too.

After thousands of deployments via the AWS and Azure Marketplaces, SFTP Gateway remains a simple and secure way for users to access cloud storage locations like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage. And, as some of you have already discovered, it’s a great way to transfer files to Google Cloud Storage as well.

You can get started with a 30-day free trial of SFTP Gateway whenever you’re ready.

The affordable way to transfer files to Google Cloud

SFTP Gateway is one of the most affordable ways to connect to the cloud via SFTP, at only six cents an hour, plus your cloud infrastructure charges. AWS Transfer and Azure’s SFTP solution are both 35 cents an hour. Compared to many other options, SFTP Gateway could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

If you’re a new Google Cloud user, a 30-day free trial is available, allowing you to take SFTP Gateway for a test drive and save even more. Just head to the Google Marketplace to get started with your trial.

SFTP Gateway is also typically a more affordable option than building an SFTP solution yourself. Many users try SFTP Gateway after realizing how time-consuming and expensive it was to keep their own solution up and running. You also get a lot more features with SFTP Gateway than what most in-house solutions offer.

Features of SFTP Gateway for Google Cloud

SFTP Gateway for Google Cloud includes a web interface and REST API that simplifies user management, folder permissions, and instance administration, whether you’re supporting a single user or thousands.

With SFTP Gateway’s cross-cloud functionality, you can easily move data across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. you can access multiple clouds from that one server.

There’s no need to spin up a server in each cloud in order to get multi-cloud connections with SFTP Gateway. It’s as simple as setting up two folders, with each one pointing to a different cloud storage location.

You can follow our simple instructions and configure SFTP Gateway for High Availability (HA) too.

Automate with cloud computing Add-Ons to save time

If you want to automate file transfer processes to save time for your team, there are multiple cloud computing add-ons that can be deployed for SFTP Gateway for Google Cloud, AWS or Azure.

For example, the PGP Decryption Add-On automates the process of decrypting PGP encrypted files that were transferred to a cloud storage location. The Email Alert Add-On monitors a cloud storage location and notifies you when a file is uploaded to it, passing along important details as well, like the files’s location size and MD5 hash.

You can deploy these add-ons yourself or talk to the Thorn Tech team for a quote to get the work done by our cloud computing experts.

How to deploy SFTP Gateway for Google Cloud

Check out the quick start demo below to see how fast you can get SFTP Gateway up and running for Google Cloud. In the Thorn Technologies Knowledge Base, you’ll find even more documentation on how to set up SFTP Gateway for Google Cloud.

If you have questions, we offer free email support for SFTP Gateway. Our team generally replies to emails within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, between 8 AM and 6 PM ET. Just submit your SFTP Gateway questions here. If you require a higher level of support, check out our other support package options for SFTP Gateway.

How other organizations are using SFTP Gateway to access cloud storage locations and more

The list of SFTP Gateway Success Stories continues to grow.

Are you ready to transfer files to Google Cloud via SFTP?

Visit the Thorn Technologies YouTube channel to learn more about SFTP Gateway. Then, head to the Google Cloud Marketplace when you’re ready to deploy SFTP Gateway for yourself and transfer files to Google Cloud, Amazon S3, or Azure Blog Storage.

We’d love to hear what you think about the product. You can post a comment here about SFTP Gateway, connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn, or send us an email. Tell us all the ways you’re using SFTP Gateway to transfer files to Google Cloud Storage, and maybe we can feature you in a Success Story too.

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