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We’re excited to announce the release of SFTP Gateway version 1.003, with plenty of new features and improvements!

The newest version of SFTP Gateway is available as an AMI on the AWS Marketplace now. If you already have SFTP Gateway instances running, simply SSH as ec2-user and run sudo sftpgw update to upgrade.

Feel free to take a look at our updated set of wiki pages covering these new features, but we’ve highlighted some of the new functionality below.

Server Side Encryption

Encryption at rest on S3 is a common security compliance requirement, but encrypting S3 files via the AWS console is a manual process that entails selecting each individual file and selecting an encryption method. Encrypting multiple files via the Command Line Interface (CLI) is faster, but still requires that end users enter an encryption key every time a file is uploaded.

SFTP Gateway now allows SFTP users to quickly and easily upload encrypted files to S3 using these options:

  • SSE-S3: S3 managed encryption keys
  • SSE-KMS: KMS managed encryption keys
  • SSE-C: Customer managed encryption keys

Encryption options are configured on a per-user basis.

Private and Shared Download Folders

SFTP users now have access to files on S3 using download folders. You can configure each user with their own private download folder, and you can also configure a shared download directory that multiple SFTP users can access.

An AWS account with ownership of the S3 bucket can place files into a download folder using whatever method they choose (S3 console, AWS CLI, etc), and the files will be automatically synced to SFTP Gateway for the SFTP user(s) to download.

Custom Buckets and Paths

You can now configure custom S3 buckets and paths on a per-user basis. For example, each user can upload their files to the root of their own S3 bucket, or each user can upload their files to the “shared” download folder so that all SFTP users can work from the same S3 directory.

Single-Threaded Operation

When SFTP users upload many small files simultaneously, smaller servers can get overwhelmed by all the spawned processes. To address this, we added a configuration option that forces file uploads to use a single thread. While this optional feature slows down the rate at while files are uploaded to S3, it improves upload stability no matter what EC2 instance type you choose.

Have any suggestions? Contact us!

Most of these features were requested by our current customers. If there’s a feature you’d like to see in a later version of SFTP Gateway, feel free to email us at info@thorntech.com, or drop us a tweet at @sftpgateway.

Thanks for your interest in SFTP Gateway!

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