Using SFTP Gateway to replace an enterprise Managed File Transfer solution

replace an enterprise managed file transfer solution

We’re gathering testimonials about how SFTP Gateway or StorageLink saved our customers time and money or allowed them to replace an enterprise managed file transfer solution (MFT). We appreciate the plot twist in the testimonial we received from Pinch Payments, highlighted in bold below, as they describe using SFTP Gateway instead of a more expensive and cumbersome MFT solution.

Thank you to Ben Cull, CTO at Pinch Payments, for this excellent example of how SFTP Gateway can be leveraged to avoid complex file transfer solutions. Organizations around the globe are using high-availability deployments of SFTP Gateway as a cost-effective alternative to MFT enterprise solutions.

After you read about the Pinch team’s success with their move to SFTP Gateway, we’ll tell you how to use it to replace an enterprise Managed File Transfer solution within your organization. Then you can send us your testimonial, too—we’ll even accept the ones written by AI.

We are Pinch Payments, a payments technology company that specialises in the secure collection of invoice payments for small businesses and plug and play API payments integrations with software companies. With a focus on managing secure documents and the need to efficiently submit files with sensitive information to our partners, we were in search of a reliable solution that could streamline our document management requirements. In this quest, Thorn Tech emerged as a game-changer, offering us an outstanding alternative to other systems that often involved complex setups, installations, and infrastructure hassles.

One of the key advantages that immediately drew us to Thorn Tech was their SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) solution, seamlessly integrated with Azure. What truly set it apart was its status as a turnkey solution available directly from the Azure App Store. The ease of acquiring the Thorn SFTP solution and having it operational right away was nothing short of impressive. Setting it up was a breeze, and this simplicity was a refreshing change.

One standout feature that has significantly enhanced our workflow is Thorn Tech’s ability to connect directly to an Azure storage account, such as a Blob storage account, and effortlessly store and share our files from there. This convenience eliminated the traditional need for the recipient to connect via an FTP client, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

With Thorn Tech, our uploads can directly flow into a Blob storage account, and sharing files becomes as simple as generating a web URL from the storage, saving precious time for both our team and our partners. This innovative approach has enhanced our user experience and greatly expedited our secure file-sharing processes.

What’s truly remarkable is that our experience with Thorn Tech has been so smooth and trouble-free that we hardly ever had to seek assistance or request additional support. From day one, it was a turnkey solution, and we were up and running with everything we needed. Moreover, the price point for Thorn Tech’s services is incredibly competitive, making it an all-around excellent choice.

If you’re seeking a fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for secure file sharing on Azure, we wholeheartedly recommend considering Thorn Tech. Their SFTP solution, integrated with Azure, has significantly improved our operations, simplified our document management, and provided an excellent return on investment. Thorn Tech has truly been a game-changer for us, and we can confidently vouch for their services.

Or here’s something that wasn’t written by Chat GPT.

I run Pinch, a payments company that deals with sensitive files on a daily basis. I needed an SFTP solution to receive sensitive files from customers, preferably in Azure, and didn’t want to deal with infrastructure. The SFTP Gateway product from Thorn Tech offered a turnkey solution, and it has done a fantastic job.

One of the key reasons I chose the product was the connection to Blob Storage, which makes sending/fetching files and automating processes so much easier, as you don’t have to login to the server at all, you just upload/download from Blob storage.

It’s very simple to get up and running and I haven’t had any problems. I highly recommend!

Are you looking to replace an enterprise Managed File Transfer solution?

SFTP Gateway and StorageLink are robust enough to replace an enterprise Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution. Both products can be deployed from the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Marketplace, with a 30-day free trial.

Ready to replace your MFT solution with SFTP Gateway like Pinch Payments did? Sign up here, and we’ll send you details on deploying it from the marketplaces. You can also access our Knowledge Base for SFTP Gateway for additional help.

Our support team can also assist you with a Dedicated SFTP Gateway solution if you want to manage your own users and cloud storage locations but don’t have sysadmin experience or don’t want to maintain servers.

We’d be happy to jump on a quick call if you have questions about our products and whether they meet your requirements. Just email us, and we’ll schedule a time to meet.

If you don’t have SFTP users you need to connect to cloud storage locations, StorageLink might be the solution for you instead. It lets you set up a custom file transfer portal, allowing users to upload and download files to your cloud storage through a simple drag-and-drop process in their web browser.

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