Comparing SFTP Gateway and StorageLink for transferring files to cloud storage

transferring files to cloud storage

StorageLink and SFTP Gateway are valuable tools for transferring files to cloud storage locations. They each serve distinct purposes and offer unique features to administrators and users. Some organizations could benefit from having both of these Thorn Technologies-built file transfer tools, while others might only need one of them.

In this blog post, we delve into the key differences between StorageLink and SFTP Gateway, shedding light on how they complement each other to meet various file transfer needs. If you have questions about your specific situation and need help choosing the right product, please contact our team. We’d be happy to assist you.

Both SFTP Gateway and StorageLink come with 30-day free trials. They each have an option for self-hosted file transfers to the cloud via the AWS, Azure, and Google Marketplace. SFTP Gateway also has a SaaS SFTP option for those who don’t want to self-host. Dedicated or Enterprise solutions are available as well by contacting our team.

Let’s start by looking at our first file transfer product, SFTP Gateway.

SFTP Gateway: Transferring files to cloud storage via SFTP

SFTP Gateway is a specialized tool designed for securely transferring files to cloud storage using the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). It serves as a bridge between traditional SFTP clients and cloud storage services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Here are some of its distinguishing features:

  1. SFTP Protocol: SFTP Gateway is explicitly built to support the SFTP protocol, which is known for its robust security measures. It provides a secure channel for data transfer, making it ideal for organizations with stringent security requirements.
  2. Traditional SFTP Clients: Unlike StorageLink, which operates entirely in web browsers, SFTP Gateway is designed to work with traditional SFTP clients such as FileZilla or the OpenSSH command line client. This is advantageous for organizations already accustomed to using SFTP software.
  3. Seamless Cloud Integration: SFTP Gateway facilitates the secure transfer of files to and from cloud storage providers, acting as a bridge between SFTP clients and cloud storage. This enables businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud storage while retaining the familiar SFTP workflow many organizations require.

StorageLink: Transferring files to cloud storage via a web browser

StorageLink is a versatile file transfer portal that allows users to interact with cloud storage locations directly through web browsers using a simple drag-and-drop file transfer process

What really sets StorageLink apart for transferring files to cloud storage is its user-friendly and browser-based interface, eliminating the need for complex software installations. It allows you to connect users to cloud storage locations without requiring an SFTP client.

You can even connect StorageLink users to the same folders where your SFTP Gateway users upload and download files. All of this can be managed in the simple admin dashboards available for both StorageLink and SFTP Gateway.

Let’s explore some of the features of the StorageLink self-hosted file transfer solution:

  1. Secure and Encrypted: Security is a paramount concern with file transfers. StorageLink ensures data security by encrypting data during transit and at rest. Data is encrypted using HTTPS during transfer and through your cloud storage provider’s default encryption for stored files. For login credentials, StorageLink easily integrates with any OIDC authentication provider.
  2. Seamless Brand Integration: StorageLink allows you to enhance your company’s identity by effortlessly integrating your logo and branding into its interface. Tailor the portal to align with your corporate identity, creating a personalized and professional experience for your clients. StorageLink isn’t just a tool – it’s an extension of your brand.
  3. No SFTP Client Required: One of the standout features of StorageLink is that it doesn’t require users to install or use a separate SFTP client. Not every user will have the technical expertise to use SFTP or know what an SFTP client is. With StorageLink, users can easily upload and download files directly from their web browsers, simplifying the file transfer process.

Complementary Cloud File Transfer Solutions

StorageLink and SFTP Gateway are not competing solutions but rather complementary tools that cater to different file transfer needs. If you don’t have SFTP users, you depend entirely on Storage Link. If you have SFTP users who are transferring files to cloud storage, both solutions likely make sense for you. 

Here’s how they can work together effectively:

  1. Simplified User Experience: Businesses can employ StorageLink for users who prefer a simplified, web-based file transfer experience. This is particularly beneficial for those who are less familiar with SFTP clients.
  2. Cross-Cloud Connections: Get seamless integration across multiple cloud platforms with SFTP Gateway and StorageLink. Both file transfer solutions support the three major cloud storage providers: Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage. You’ll have a simple way for you and your users to move data from cloud platform to platform.
  3. Flexible Permission Management: With SFTP Gateway and StorageLink, you control who can access, upload, or download files, all from your user-friendly dashboards. One client will never see what another client can see unless you give them access to the same folder. If you want a team to collaborate, that’s an option, or you can lock down everything to a single user.
  4. High Availability and Enterprise Solutions – Both SFTP Gateway and StorageLink are available in High Availability configurations, allowing you to be up and running for your users 24/7/365. Both products also allow for Enterprise deployments across your organization. With this Enterprise option, we’d issue you an annual license to use SFTP Gateway and StorageLink, and you’d have the right to use our product in an unlimited fashion. Please contact us if you’re interested. 

Self-hosted file transfers to cloud storage

Both StorageLink and SFTP Gateway can play pivotal roles in your organization when it comes to transferring files to cloud storage. You can choose between the two products based on your specific requirements for a given use case.

For some businesses, both solutions make sense, and they complement each other well, allowing you to serve both SFTP users and non-SFTP users. For more information on both solutions and tips for transferring files to cloud storage, our YouTube channel is a great resource. 

Whether it’s simplicity, security, or affordability, these Thorn Technologies products allow businesses to have the right tools at their disposal to manage their data and cloud file transfer needs effectively. Get started with a 30-day free trial of SFTP Gateway or StorageLink today.

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