Choosing the right SFTP Gateway solution

SFTP Gateway solution

If you want to connect SFTP users to the cloud, you may have questions about choosing the right SFTP Gateway solution for your situation. Thorn Technologies offers three different SFTP Gateway options, and this article briefly explains the differences to help you determine which one best meets your needs. 

All three SFTP Gateway options provide a simple, secure, and affordable way to give users SFTP access to cloud storage locations like Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. Let’s look at the three plans you can choose from: the Single User Plan, the Self-Managed Plan, and Dedicated Hosting. 

If you have non-SFTP users you need to connect to your cloud storage locations, you should also check out StorageLink, a web-based file transfer portal.

SFTP Gateway Single User Plan

If your requirements involve a small number of SFTP accounts and you want to avoid the expense of running servers 24/7, the Single User Plan is an ideal choice as your SFTP Gateway solution. This SaaS SFTP service is cost-effective and suitable for individuals or organizations with low user volumes. 

With the Single User Plan, you can enjoy the benefits of SFTP without the burden of managing extensive server infrastructure. This plan costs $9 a month per user and comes with a 30-day free trial and free email support. It’s the ideal soltion for anyone looking for a SaaS cloud file transfer service.

SFTP Gateway Self-Managed Plan

The Self-Managed Plan is the optimal SFTP Gateway solution if you seek more control over user management and need the ability to map folders to specific cloud storage locations independently. With this plan, you can customize user access and folder mapping without the help of Thorn Tech support. 

If the number of users in the Single User Plan surpasses your server hosting costs, switching to the Self-Managed Plan becomes economically advantageous. Generally, cost savings are realized around the ten to twelve-user mark, depending on your server type. 

Self-Managed Plans are deployed through the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Marketplaces, for six cents per hour plus your cloud infrastructure costs. A 30-day free trial is available on each marketplace. This plan comes with free email support.

SFTP Gateway Dedicated Hosting

Maybe you don’t want to host an SFTP service yourself. The Dedicated Hosting option caters to businesses that want to manage their users and cloud storage locations but need more sysadmin expertise or prefer to offload server maintenance responsibilities to the Thorn Technologies team. You can focus on your business while we host your SFTP Gateway solution, so it’s always available to your users.

This plan is highly flexible, allowing customization for both large enterprises and small businesses with varying budgets. Whether you require redundant or fault-tolerant servers with guaranteed uptime or have budget constraints and require a simpler solution, Thorn Technologies offers tailored Dedicated Hosting plans to suit your unique requirements, all with advanced support from the experienced Thorn Tech team.

Need help finding the right SFTP Gateway solution?

To discuss your specific situation and explore the options, you can contact Thorn Tech support at For more details on plan options, please see the SFTP Gateway product grid on our website. For something fun, check out this late-night infomercial ChatGPT created about our Single User Plan. 

Enhance your SFTP Gateway solution with Cloud Add-Ons

While many organizations use SFTP Gateway right out of the box, others come to Thorn Technologies for cloud computing Add-Ons. Add-ons are extensions of SFTP Gateway or other cloud applications that provide post-processing functionality after a file is uploaded. Add-ons can be used for PGP decryption, email notifications, checksum validation, or other custom business logic that is specific to your organization.

You can save time and deliver more value for your organization with Cloud Add-Ons by deploying them yourself or getting help from the team at Thorn Tech. Just reach out and let us know if there’s anything we can do.

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