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cloud computing add-ons

While many organizations use SFTP Gateway right out of the box, others come to Thorn Technologies for help with cloud computing add-ons and custom implementations.

What are cloud computing add-ons? Add-ons are extensions of SFTP Gateway or other cloud applications that provide post-processing functionality after a file is uploaded. Add-ons can be used for PGP decryption, email notifications, checksum validation, or other custom business logic that is specific to your organization.

Add-ons are cloud-based serverless functions that are run using services like AWS Lambda. They are triggered by cloud storage events, such as a file getting uploaded to the destination bucket. Thorn Technologies has developed several off-the shelf functions to perform common post processing features. Add-ons are open source software that can be deployed as is, or customized as needed for your requirements.

ProAsset specializes in data-related solutions and security. They approached the Thorn Tech team with a challenge they faced and it was determined that several add-ons were a good solution for what they needed.

Implementing a PGP Decryption cloud computing add-on

ProAsset’s client needed to upload files to a cloud location via SFTP Gateway and required PGP encryption. Once the client uploaded the encrypted files to the cloud, the ProAsset team had to download them, decrypt them and upload them to another folder in the cloud.

All of this was being done manually. That takes time. It also keeps people waiting.

If a file was encrypted and uploaded overnight, it stayed there until morning, when a ProAsset employee could decrypt it and upload the new file to the cloud.

ProAsset needed a simpler process, with fewer manual steps, to keep things moving.

PGP Decryption Cloud Computing Add-On solution from Thorn Technologies

To help streamline the decryption process for ProAsset, Thorn Technologies implemented a PGP Decryption Add-On for SFTP Gateway that runs automatically.

The Add-On automates the process of downloading and decrypting a PGP encrypted file and then uploads the new decrypted file to a cloud storage location.

With automation in place for ProAsset through this Add-On, the manual decryption process is no longer a bottleneck. Anytime someone needs to see a file that was uploaded, they no longer need to wait for someone to do that work. A file can be uploaded outside regular business hours, but be processed almost instantly.

“SFTP Gateway has been essential in building our products and facilitating the growth of our company. Their team has and continues to meet our business needs as we transition in size and expand our scope of products,” says ProAsset CEO and President Ben Gerstein.

Email Alert Cloud Computing Add-On Solution for Proasset

ProAsset also needed to receive email confirmation whenever a file was uploaded by their client. The client wanted to receive an email anytime ProAsset uploaded a file as well. Thorn Technologies installed an Email Alert Add-On for SFTP Gateway to make all of this possible.

The Email Alert Add-On monitors a cloud storage location and notifies you when a file is uploaded to it. These notifications can be configured to pass along useful information about the file, such as location, size, and MD5 hash.

The Email Alert Add-On also features a variety of customizable options. For example, emails can be sent to multiple people at once or contain a custom subject line and email body.

The Thorn Tech team also developed a custom file validation solution for ProAsset that automatically checks to see if spreadsheets uploaded by clients fit the correct format.

If a spreadsheet sent to the cloud by the client has invalid rows or columns, an email is sent to the sender, telling them what the issues are with their upload. Like the other cloud computing add-ons described above, this too saves time. 

Thorn Technologies is here to help you with cloud computing add-ons

Have questions? Connect with Thorn Technologies to learn more about our amazing support team and all the ways they can assist you, with SFTP Gateway deployment, cloud computing add-ons, custom integrations and cloud application development.  Thorn Tech can also help with web-based file transfers, Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions and more.

The Thorn Technologies YouTube channel is filled with helpful videos to get you up and running with SFTP Gateway or to help you troubleshoot issues you might come across. The Knowledge Base is also a great place to go for help. It’s packed with documentation you can use to deploy and maintain SFTP Gateway.

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