Upgrade your managed file transfer solution with v3.5 of SFTP Gateway

Upgrade your managed file transfer solution

It’s time to upgrade your managed file transfer solution. SFTP Gateway v3.5 has arrived with performance improvements, security updates, and more! 

Already used by thousands of organizations worldwide, SFTP Gateway is a cross-cloud SFTP server that reads and writes data directly to cloud storage locations, like Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, or Alibaba Object Storage Service (OSS). It’s available on all of those cloud marketplaces and as a SaaS solution.

Let’s dive into some highlights of what’s new in SFTP Gateway v3.5 and why it’s become the preferred Managed File Transfer alternative for enterprises of all sizes. 

What you get when you upgrade your managed file transfer solution with v3.5 of SFTP Gateway

  • Customizable SFTP Encryption Algorithms: You can now override the default SFTP encryption algorithms directly from the Admin UI – it’s as simple as checking a box. Check out the encryption algorithms video below to see it in action.


  • Upgraded SSH Key Generation: Admins can now generate ECDSA and ED25519 key pairs, offering more secure and efficient cryptographic options for user SSH keys.
  • Password Security Improvements: Incorporating industry-leading password libraries to assess password strength and display adherence to password policies. Additionally, changes to password requirements for admin users bolster the security of administrative access.
  • Full-Width UI Design: By removing gutters and allowing the UI to span the full width of the browser, the Admin UI offers a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • User Permissions and Cloud Connections Optimization: Pre-calculating these elements significantly speeds up SFTP user connection times.
  • Insightful User Management: Adding the last login date to the users table and requiring current passwords for administrative changes ensures better management and security oversight.
  • Alibaba OSS Support: Version 3.5 introduces Alibaba OSS as a new Cloud Connection type, expanding the product’s compatibility with major cloud service providers.
  • Azure Cloud Connection Enhancement: A new field to specify the HNS (Hierarchical Namespace) setting in Azure Cloud Connections improves integration flexibility with Azure storage solutions.
  • Memory and Infrastructure Improvements: With an updated AWS base image and the enabling of AWS IMDSv2, the backend infrastructure is more robust and secure. Memory allocation enhancements ensure the product scales to meet your needs.
  • Load Balancer and Client IP Handling: Improved support for load balancers, including added protections against Client IP address spoofing.

We can help you upgrade your managed file transfer solution

For more details on SFTP Gateway v3.5, check out the full release notes and upgrade today to take full advantage of these new features. We’re here to help if you need us; just email us at support@thorntech.com.

If you’re looking for enterprise-level help for your organization, just fill out this short form. We’ve helped organizations replace IBM Sterling File Gateway, implement an SFTP solution for Salesforce and SAP, and much more. We also have a cloud-based Dropbox alternative, allowing you to drag and drop files to Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

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