SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP

SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP

How Thorn Technologies deployed an SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP

A global fashion company sought an SFTP solution to integrate between their SalesForce and SAP systems for processing orders. Their managed file transfer solution went down too frequently, delaying orders, and they wanted to replace that piece with a dependable cloud-based solution.

The company chose SFTP Gateway for its new solution. Let’s look at why they chose this solution and what it looks like.

SFTP Gateway is available on the AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Marketplaces. A cross-cloud SFTP server reads and writes data directly to those cloud storage locations. The software can be autoscaled as virtual machine images or Docker containers. You can support a single user or thousands of them.

Our proposal for this brand’s SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP

Thorn Technologies recommended a high-availability (HA) deployment of SFTP Gateway utilizing the AWS RDS database service for this global fashion brand. However, a solution could be built on any cloud platform where SFTP Gateway is available. An HA deployment would maximize uptime, avoiding the organization’s issues with its old system.

The solution would be deployed in a private subnet and initially scaled across two EC2 instances, with files stored in an S3 bucket. A network load balancer provides SFTP access on Port 22 according to security best practices.

One of the reasons SFTP Gateway appeals to many organizations is the way data is stored. Because SFTP Gateway is deployed in your private cloud environment, third parties, including Thorn Technologies, never touch your data. This isn’t the case with every managed file transfer product, and it remains a crucial differentiator for SFTP Gateway.

For this solution, a monthly license fee and cloud infrastructure costs are billed through the AWS Marketplace. After the initial deployment, discounts are available for the AWS infrastructure and SFTP Gateway license fees as part of an annual commitment.

Do you need an SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP?

Are you interested in an Enterprise Managed File Transfer solution for your organization?

Book a call with our team so that we can learn more about your needs and generate a quote. Whether you need an SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP or any other cloud file transfer help, we have the experience to get you where you want to be. Learn more about SFTP Gateway in this YouTube video and our Knowledge Base.

Beyond the SFTP solution for SalesForce and SAP: Other use cases

See how we helped a marketing and advertising firm with file-sharing data solutions, leveraging SFTP Gateway and StorageLink. Looking to replace a legacy managed file transfer system? Take a look at the work we did replacing IBM Sterling File Gateway with an HA deployment of SFTP Gateway.

Drag and drop files to cloud storage from a web browser

SFTP Gateway is just one of two file transfer products available from Thorn Technologies.

The second product, StorageLink, is a customizable file-sharing portal that connects users to your private cloud storage locations with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. It complements SFTP Gateway well and is an excellent option for non-SFTP users.
Maybe you have some files transferred to cloud storage daily via SFTP. But then, once a week, your finance department wants to access a report based on those files. If finance doesn’t have an SFTP client, they can drag and drop the report from cloud storage using StorageLink. Check out this video walkthrough for a closer look at StorageLink.

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