Marketing and advertising file sharing data solutions from Thorn Technologies

marketing and advertising file sharing data solutions

Marketing and advertising file sharing data solutions

Good Apple is not your typical marketing and advertising agency. They go beyond execution, taking on the responsibility of guiding clients through every step, from strategy development to implementation, with a heavy focus on data analytics. 

They’ve worked with clients you probably know, like BirchBox, Pepsico, Starbucks, and a leading discount retailer. Good Apple offers organizations like these a unique partnership, combining deep business understanding, comprehensive strategies, insightful testing, and exceptional negotiation skills to drive impactful media campaigns.

Developing multi-faceted solutions for dozens of organizations keeps the Good Apple team busy and requires constant access to large amounts of data. It helps to have a partner like Thorn Technologies with deep experience building cloud-based software applications for data analytics and marketing technology.

Thorn Technologies assists Good Apple with managed file transfers, data monitoring, and more. With trusted solutions built by Thorn Tech, Good Apple can focus on its agency work and deliver even more value for its clients.

Let’s look at a few examples of the Thorn Technologies-Good Apple partnership. 

Implementing a secure SFTP solution

Before meeting the Thorn Tech team, Good Apple faced challenges with their SFTP server setup. Good Apple had a solution they’d developed in-house that was not scalable; it was memory-intensive and frequently crashed, causing delays and frustrations. 

To help solve this, Thorn Technologies set up their flagship product, SFTP Gateway, for Good Apple. 

SFTP Gateway allows organizations of all sizes to simply, securely, and affordably provide SFTP users access to cloud storage locations. SFTP Gateway includes a web interface and REST API that simplifies user management, folder permissions, and instance administration, whether you’re supporting a single user or thousands.

For Good Apple, SFTP Gateway’s user account feature allowed them to restrict access to the server based on individual users’ IP addresses and was beneficial in meeting compliance requirements. An application load balancer provides a high-availability configuration of SFTP Gateway, ensuring Good Apple and its clients always have access to the files they need. 

IP Allow List in SFTP Gateway


Hundreds of companies worldwide trust SFTP Gateway, available in the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces or as a SaaS service on 

Web-based data sharing without an SFTP client

After the successful SFTP Gateway implementation, Good Apple came to Thorn Technologies with another challenge. 

The Good Apple team wanted a product that allowed them to share data with people unfamiliar with using an SFTP client. Thorn Technologies’ newest product, StorageLink, was a perfect fit. StorageLink enables users to manage cloud file transfers via drag and drop using a web browser.

StorageLink provides a secure browser interface for users to create folders or directories and share files with contacts or customers. The data is still stored in the user’s private cloud, and the administrator has complete control over the data.

Thorn Technologies also integrated StorageLink into Good Apple’s Crisp data platform, giving Good Apple their own business portal for sharing data with clients. The flexibility of StorageLink allows Good Apple to share data with multiple customers who may be on different cloud providers, all through one professional-looking application.

StorageLink is an excellent complement to SFTP Gateway, which is already popular among data analytics and marketing companies. Highly customizable and easy to use, StorageLink is available through the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces.

Developing a custom dashboard for data analytics

Thorn Tech has also assisted Good Apple with other data-related needs. 

Good Apple utilizes the Looker business intelligence platform for data visualization and wanted tighter control over dashboard permissions for sharing these. They also wanted a more professional, polished dashboard design with Good Apple branding.

Thorn Technologies worked to create a web-based portal that provides a GUI and the infrastructure supporting it for user access to Good Apple’s Crisp data management platform. Security and user authentication are a massive priority for Good Apple, and this solution by Thorn Technologies delivers in both critical areas.  

The Thorn-designed dashboard allows users to attach Google Docs, such as briefs, campaign summaries, or slide decks, to the visualizations from Looker. The dashboard has user management, managed by a third-party identity provider, such as AWS Cognito, making it easy to use for clients.

The combination of Looker, Google Docs, and StorageLink creates a robust and secure web-based portal for sharing data and reports with clients, all within a single interface. The solution is also customizable, allowing dashboard designs to meet an organization’s unique needs. 

With help from Thorn Technologies, anyone who uses Looker can leverage its embedding capabilities for tools for their organization, creating a high-quality dashboard with branding and dynamic file-sharing options. 

Data monitoring and automated error flagging

Thorn Technologies also helped Good Apple streamline its data analytics process, which it relies heavily on to generate client reports. 

Good Apple uses the Snowflake data warehouse platform to process large amounts of data daily, and they needed help identifying data loading errors and anomalies in their reports.

Thorn Technologies developed a database quality assurance (QA) tool to run on a schedule and perform validation calculations, such as sums, moving averages, month-over-month, year-over-year, and week-over-week growth. The solution flags any data that does not follow expected trends and raises an alarm so Good Apple can catch and fix errors before sending reports to clients.

The database QA tool allows users to define a set of operations in the database and compare them to a source of truth table. The tool enables users to specify a timeframe to look for moving averages and determine if the metric is within the bounds set by the user. Alerts go out for non-critical issues; immediate notifications are triggered if the table load fails.

The QA tool is flexible enough to compare metrics from different tables with different filters. For example, if data exists in a staging table, the tool can compare it to the final data warehouse table to identify discrepancies.

Thorn Technologies worked with Good Apple to develop a dashboard that shows the QA job status and history. The dashboard allows users to create new QA threads and provides helpful tools for finding tables and metrics.

All of this QA work by Thorn Technologies and the Good Apple team saves time and results in higher-quality data for clients. 

Delivering value for data-focused businesses and their clients

This successful collaboration with Good Apple is an excellent example of how Thorn Technologies can help companies streamline their data analytics processes, improving the quality and accuracy of their reporting. 

Companies rely on Good Apple, and Good Apple trusts Thorn Technologies for data solutions that deliver business results.

Beyond marketing and advertising file sharing data solutions

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