Using SFTP Gateway with Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) billing

Cellular Internet of Things

The Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) allows various devices to connect to the internet through the same mobile networks our smartphones use. For example, a GPS tracker or a temperature sensor can be connected to these networks, so data can be sent directly to the cloud. 

One of the companies helping people link their smart devices to the Cellular IoT is Simbase, a growing organization with offices in Amsterdam, New York and Barcelona. 

Focused on IoT connectivity, SIM cards, routers and VPNs, Simbase’s mission is “to help customers navigate the ambiguous landscape of IoT and to convert ideas into a productive reality.” They’re also an SFTP Gateway user. 

Receiving data via SFTP for Cellular Internet of Things billing

Simbase serves customers in 40 countries and on every continent, meaning they also work with cellular carriers around the globe. These carriers need to send Simbase call detail records, so billing can take place.

Some of these carriers need a simple and secure solution for the transfer of this data to Simbase via SFTP, without a lot of hassle around deployment and upkeep. That’s where SFTP Gateway comes in.

SFTP Gateway, “never fails,” says David Netten, Simbase’s Chief Technology Officer, who’s used the product on AWS for about three years after discovering it through a Google search. 

“Our customers entrust us with the responsibility of keeping their business critical devices connected to the internet,” states the Simbase website. In the same way, companies like Simbase need solutions they can rely on, like SFTP Gateway, to keep their carrier partners connected and their billing moving. 

Simple, secure and affordable cloud storage access

SFTP Gateway is also an affordable solution, costing only six cents an hour, plus cloud provider infrastructure charges. Whether you’re a startup or an established organization, a solution that doesn’t put a big dent in your budget is always a plus. 

SFTP Gateway gives users real-time access to cloud storage locations, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage, through any SFTP client. Servers can talk to cloud storage locations via SFTP, just like they’re any other server, without the need for expensive and time-consuming solutions.  

If you’re a company with users who need to access cloud storage locations via SFTP, SFTP Gateway can help you make it happen, just like it does for organizations like Simbase. Try SFTP Gateway out for yourself for free in the Amazon, Azure or Google Cloud Platform marketplaces.

Make things even easier with Add-Ons

Be sure to also explore Add-Ons, allowing you to add on features like PGP decryption, checksum validation, email notifications, virus scanning and more to your SFTP Gateway solution or existing cloud applications

For example, the PGP Decryption Add-On automates the process of decrypting PGP encrypted files that were transferred via SFTP. Or, the Email Alert Add-On monitors a cloud storage location and notifies you when a file is uploaded to it. 

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