Cartera Commerce launches mobile rewards shopping app Splender with the help of Thorn Technologies

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Thorn Technologies assists Cartera in developing responsive website and iPhone mobile app

Cartera Commerce, the largest provider of company-based shopping loyalty programs in the U.S., recently launched Splender on the web and for the iPhone, and Thorn Technologies played a crucial role in developing the product.

Overview of Splender

Splender is a shopping experience that helps you maximize online rewards. You can use Splender to find coupon codes and great offers while earning cash back from your favorite stores.

The app and website allow you to search by product or store, and automatically have your Splender account credited with cash back rewards when you make a qualified purchase at a merchant website. You can then get paid by PayPal or check at the end of each month. 

How Thorn Technologies helped

Thorn Technologies provided development resources for both the Splender responsive website and native iOS app.

We leveraged our expertise in AngularJS to develop the responsive website that adapts to different screen sizes and deliver the optimal shopping rewards experience on all devices. 

Using AngularJS, we built the “Recently Viewed Stores” section on the home page of that displays the retailers most recently visited by the user. We also developed the user account pages that display discount earnings, recent activity, payment information, and more. 

The Splender iOS mobile app was developed using Swift. In building the native app, we maximized our use of Apple’s vast set of APIs so we could focus on building client features.

By coding the app in Swift, instead of Objective-C, we reduced the potential risk of a costly rewrite down the road. Since we made the jump to Swift early on, we saved a lot of time by implementing features we’ve built in past projects.

“We were happy to help Cartera build such an interesting and useful app like Splender,” said Jeff Thorn, CEO of Thorn Technologies. “By leveraging our extensive mobile web and app development knowledge, Cartera potentially saved tens of thousands of dollars of development spend on this project.”

 “It was my pleasure working with the crew at Thorn Technologies,” said Deepali Khushraj, Senior Product Manager at Cartera Commerce. “It’s hard to find a talented team like this with such razor sharp focus, delivering apps that are both beautiful and robust! Exceeded our expectations through great speed of delivery and quality of work.”

About Cartera Commerce

Cartera Commerce is the largest provider of company-based shopping loyalty programs in the U.S.

Cartera houses an experienced, award-winning team of technology and marketing professionals with extensive knowledge within the eCommerce industry dedicated to creating your best possible online shopping experience.

About Thorn Technologies

Thorn Technologies LLC is a software development and consulting firm that specializes in building end-to-end mobile software solutions. We excel in delivering large-scale, enterprise mobile solutions as well as professional mobile websites and cutting-edge smartphone applications.

Our work includes the development of location-based content management systems, data warehouse & analytics systems, real-time alerting and messaging systems, bulk SMS & MMS marketing platforms, and mobile applications and websites for Fortune 500 companies including Sprint, Nokia, H&R Block, & Caesars Palace. We also build mobile solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses grow.

With more than 20 years of combined mobile experience, Thorn Technologies is among the leading experts in mobile software development.

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