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Thorn Technologies helps Experient’s development team recover from a poor contractor experience to launch successful flagship mobile apps, delight customers, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Problem


Experient was using a third-party software development contractor to build its flagship event management mobile app. The product this vendor developed was of poor quality, there was a lack of visibility and communication, and the project was well over budget and long overdue.

As a result, some of Experient’s clients to whom they promised this app either did not use a mobile app for their events or were forced to use a competitor’s app. These clients were disappointed that the product was not delivered as promised.


The Solution


Experient decided to bring the development of the app back in-house with assistance from Thorn Technologies. Thorn Technologies enhanced Experient’s team with expert mobile app and web developers to help rebuild the iOS, Android, and responsive web apps.


The Results


Experient was able to deliver high-quality iOS, Android, and responsive web apps to 22 clients with excellent results. Due to a massive overhaul and simplification of the apps, the code base was reduced by a factor of 5, from 2.1 million lines to around 400,000, while increasing the apps’ quality. Furthermore, Experient was able to reduce their team size by half, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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