Rydyn.com – Fast, Scalable Serverless Website Powered by AWS

Thorn Technologies designs and develops Rydyn’s website for scalability, using Serverless technologies powered by AWS

The Problem

Ride-sharing startup Rydyn needed a website to help launch their service offering. Not only did they require this website for marketing, but they needed it to be scalable so it could be a platform for growth, customer support, and much more as they expanded to many cities in the future.

The Solution

Thorn Technologies was tasked with designing and developing Rydyn’s website and chose to power the site with AWS.

The AWS components used included:

  • Lambda – Responded to API requests using GraphQL and handled security via JSON Web Tokens
  • API Gateway – Provided secure REST endpoints linked to Lambda functions
  • DynamoDB – Storage for user information
  • S3 – Host for the React website
  • CloudFront – Reduce page response times and use custom SSL certificate
  • Route 53 – Custom domain mapping
Rydyn's AWS Architecture
Rydyn’s AWS Architecture


These components were used in a serverless architecture to reduce idling cost while still being able to scale up to demand instantaneously. Having that scaling capability at low cost was important for a startup that could have demand spikes.


Thorn Technologies delivered Rydyn’s website on time and within budget. And the use of AWS technologies with a serverless architecture made the website lightning-fast, stable, and scalable at a low cost to run and maintain.


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