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Thorn Technologies helps Cartera Commerce ramp up from having little in-house mobile experience to launching the 5-star-rated Splender mobile shopping app in a few months.


The Problem


Cartera knew their users were shopping more and more often on their mobile phones. They wanted to leverage this trend by building a mobile app where shoppers can access the Splender online shopping rewards program to discover deals from their favorite merchants and get cash back on their purchases in a native mobile experience.

Because the company’s focus to date had been on web-based platforms, Cartera didn’t have deeply experienced iOS or mobile web developers on staff, and only a few of their team members had worked in a mobile-first product environment. Without significantly ramping up the team, building a successful mobile app from scratch would be a time-consuming and resource-intensive proposition.


The Solution


Cartera engaged Thorn Technologies to collaboratively build the Splender mobile app, optimize Splender’s mobile web experience, and help develop a longer-term overall mobile strategy.

Thorn Technologies worked with Cartera’s team to design an elegant and user-friendly front end, and developed back-end technology to facilitate the integration of all of Splender’s powerful existing features that users already loved from their web-based experience.


The Results


Thorn Technologies helped Cartera build and launch a fully-featured mobile commerce application in just a few months and in time for the all-important holiday shopping season. Users love the app, as Splender has maintained a 5-star rating in the App Store months after release.


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