Thorn Technologies Wins Contract to Provide Bulk SMS Marketing for Wireless Carrier

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Thorn Tech to Provide Bulk SMS Marketing For Major US Wireless Carrier

Thorn Technologies LLC has been awarded a contract to provide Bulk SMS Marketing services to a major U.S. Wireless Carrier. Using software developed, maintained, and operated by Thorn Technologies, our client is able to deliver over 2 million mobile marketing text messages per day to their customers via a direct connection to the carrier’s network.

The software platform provides an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) for creating custom marketing programs / campaigns. Each program can be configured to use several different SMS Message Templates that allow dynamic variable substitution, offering the ability to inject personalized content in real time as each message is sent. The platform also tracks user click-through rates for messages containing website urls, provides unlimited keyword-based autoresponders, and offers several preconfigured reports detailing program status and delivery results.

The platform is currently being used for nearly 200 marketing campaigns including consumer product information, notifications of special offers and contests, and to conduct customer service surveys.

About Thorn Technologies
Thorn Technologies LLC is a niche consulting firm that specializes in web and mobile software development. The company has a proven track record of delivering professional mobile websites and cutting-edge smartphone applications for major corporations like H&R Block and Caesars Palace. In addition, Thorn Technologies has excelled in delivering large scale, enterprise software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. With more than 20 years of combined mobile experience, Thorn Technologies is among the leading mobile experts in the Baltimore / Washington area. In addition, Thorn Technologies is a pioneer in the use of cutting edge software development frameworks like Grails, MongoDB, and Mule Enterprise Service Bus.

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