Thorn Technologies Hires Mobile Software Engineer

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Thorn Technologies is excited to announce the hiring of Andrew Robbins to serve as a Mobile Software Engineer. Andrew will lead mobile application and website development initiatives for Thorn Technologies.

Andrew started writing software in middle school, developed several professional websites by the time he finished high school, and worked with many local entrepreneurs looking to increase their web presence. Andrew has an A.S. in Mathematics from Montgomery College. Before working for Thorn Technologies, he worked at Tenable Network Security, where he maintained the network security software known as Nessus. After leaving Tenable, he learned about the mobile software sector by writing custom mobile apps for Android and iOS. Andrew is the creator of Android/iOS app called Sawbix, a cube-based puzzle game developed using the native OpenGL library. Written in C, Sawbix was ported from iOS to Android using the Java Native Interface (JNI).

Andrew’s experience includes designing websites in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript; writing web applications and database interfaces in PHP (MySQL), Python (ZODB) and Groovy (Grails); writing Android apps in Java and C (JNI); and writing iPhone/iPad/iOS apps in Objective-C. In addition, Andrew has extensive experience with OpenGL and other 2D / 3D graphic libraries.

Thorn Technologies is pleased to welcome Andrew a the newest member of the team. His skills and experience will be a vital asset to the organization.

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