We’ve moved! Check out our new office in Columbia, MD


After years of working remotely with the occasional meeting in a coworking space, we finally have our own office!

Now we can host Meetups, keep an eye on interns, and have conversations in person.

The first thing we had to do was get some furniture. When you have a clean slate, what kind of stuff do you buy for the office?

Our approach was to splurge on a few things each of us felt strongly about, and pass on pricey office decor.

Check out pictures of our digs below!

The Conference Room


One of the biggest pet peeves of working remotely is being unable to hear people sitting at the wrong end of the conference room table.

So we bought an ErisStation VCS702 conference phone system with wireless mutable mics to pass around the room.

The phone system sits on top of a nice big conference room table surrounded by comfortable Herman Miller chairs.

We also picked up a PlayStation 4 with four wireless controllers for playing Rocket League on our 60” Samsung big screen TV!

Standing Desks


Everyone seems to be getting back problems these days, so we figured that these digitally adjustable Evo Standing Desks would be cheaper than back surgery.

Some of us even bought accessories! I got a balance board to vicariously live out my skateboarding dreams, while Mike got a squishy mat to make standing up less miserable.

That blue thing on the side is a filing cabinet with soft bench seating on top. If you come to one of our Meetups, we might have you sit on one of these if we run out of conference table chairs.

Note: If you’re really good at JavaScript frameworks and looking for a job, send an email to Mike at mike@thorntech.com. One of these desks could be yours! (balance board not included)

Kitchenette Area



There’s nothing worse than making a cup of coffee, only to find out that someone didn’t refill the water. Buying a professional Keurig with a water-line was top priority, and our intern Ian did an awesome job installing it.

We also splurged on a Breville toaster oven for Dan’s frozen pizzas and scored a high-powered microwave so popcorn can pop super fast.

Kitchen Bar Area



Next to the kitchen is a little dining area. It doesn’t look like it, but that table is actually bar height. Drinks will be consumed at this table no doubt.

Do you believe someone would throw away two perfectly good bar stools? Our very own CEO Jeff pulled one out of the dumpster, and it wasn’t easy to find others to match.

Ah, the startup life.


We hope you like our new digs!

We’ll be hosting some Meetups, so we hope you come by and say hi! We’d love to have you check out our new office, heat up some food in our appliances, and have a beer with us!

Here’s our new address.

9175 Guilford Road, Suite 212
Columbia, MD 21046

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