Thorn Technologies Wins Android Development Contract for Indoor Location Technology Provider TRX Systems

Thorn Technologies to assist in Android app development for First Responder Tracking System

Thorn Technologies is proud to announce that it has been awarded an Android development contract for TRX Systems‘ First Responder Tracking System program. The program, supported by the National Science Foundation, is focused on early development of the TRX indoor location technology to support tracking of first responders. Thorn Technologies will leverage its extensive experience building large-scale, end-to-end mobile solutions to help develop this indoor location technology that will allow the tracking of firefighters’ and other first responders’ locations deep within buildings, where GPS technology typically fails.

About TRX Systems

TRX Systems develops algorithms and products that deliver location indoors and underground, in areas where GPS is not reliable or available. The TRX NEON Navigation Engine is unique in implementing sensor fusion and dynamic mapping to deliver accurate location indoors.

TRX products are the first to deliver the precision required to improve situational awareness and safety for first responders, dismounted soldiers, and security personnel, and to effectively support urban training applications. The TRX NEON Mission Essential Indoor Location System can easily be integrated with situation awareness systems that require GPS-denied location capabilities.

TRX was created to take advantage of the emerging ubiquity of personal location application and small, low cost embedded sensors. The rapid proliferation of MEMS and other sensors is allowing increasingly robust location calculations on an array of mobile computing devices. NEON Mobile delivers mapping and location services using mobile devices, and TRX’s NEON Navigation algorithms can be embedded in third party custom devices.

About Thorn Technologies

Thorn Technologies LLC is a software development and consulting firm that specializes in building end-to-end mobile software solutions. We excel in delivering large-scale, enterprise mobile solutions as well as professional mobile websites and cutting-edge smartphone applications. Our work includes the development of location-based content management systems, data warehouse & analytics systems, real-time alerting and messaging systems,bulk SMS & MMS marketing platforms, and mobile applications and websites for Fortune 500 companies including Sprint, Nokia, H&R Block, & Caesars Palace. We also build mobile solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses grow. With more than 20 years of combined mobile experience, Thorn Technologies is among the leading experts in mobile software development.

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