Continuous Integration with AWS – Two Perspectives (videos)

CI/CD with Bitbucket and Jenkins

Watch these two different approaches to building a continuous integration / continuous delivery process

Continuous Integration – the process of automatically building and testing your code – is a crucial part of the modern software development process. In the age of cloud microservices, it can be a challenge to build all of the services and test the integration of them all. AWS provides a few services to help standardize the process (CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline), as do BitBucket, CircleCI, and numerous other CI/CD providers.

In this Columbia AWS Meetup held on February 19, 2019, Thorn Technologies VP of Software Development Dan Rusk and Spirited Media Lead Developer Russell Heimlich presented on using different tools to achieve continuous integration with AWS. Check out the videos below.

Continuous Integration with Bitbucket and Jenkins when building an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) – Dan Rusk

Dan presents on how we build our SFTP Gateway AMI using Bitbucket and Jenkins. He covers:

  • The benefits that Jenkins offers
  • How you can set up Jenkins on AWS
  • How Jenkins interacts with Bitbucket and Slack so we can keep up with our commits’ statuses

CircleCI + AWS for Happy Deployments – Russell Heimlich

Russell Heimlich presents on how he uses CircleCI with AWS to deliver software to different environments like staging or production, or to other developers’ local machines, without breaking things.

Continuous integration / continuous delivery allows Russell to create an automated, predictable software delivery process that stops if something breaks. In this video, he covers:

  • How CircleCI works and is integrated into his CI/CD process
  • How to set up CircleCI with AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy
  • The code in the scripts he uses to configure the various tools
  • Some tips and tricks to optimize your CI/CD process
  • Pricing of all tools involved
  • Pros and cons of CircleCI vs. AWS CodeBuild

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