Connect SFTP Users to Cloud Storage

SFTP Gateway® lets you simply, securely and affordably give SFTP users access to cloud storage locations like Alibaba Object Storage Service (OSS), Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage. 

SFTP Gateway is available in three formats: as a SaaS SFTP service for $9 a month per user, for you to self-manage for 7 cents an hour, or with dedicated hosting. See the grid below for details.

SFTP Gateway cloud file sharing
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SFTP Gateway Product Options

All plans
come with

Data Protection

Deployed in your private cloud, your data is never held by any third party.

Minimal Admin

Easily manage users via the web dashboard.

Cross Cloud Capabilities

Users only need to be set up once and can access multiple cloud storage providers.


Run and manage your own users on your cloud
$ 0.07 Per Instance Hour
  • Allows for up to 5 users
  • Includes free email support


High availability for production workloads
$ 0.15 Per Instance Hour
Includes everything from Standard Plan plus:
  • Allows for up to 100 users
  • Includes phone and screen sharing support


Integrated with your enterprise infrastructure
$ 0.40 Per Instance Hour
Includes everything from Professional Plan plus:
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Service level agreements, including maintenance and support for upgrades

* Additional support plans and integration options available.
** VMs with three or more vCPUs have a rate of 8 cents per hour. Typically, enterprises running larger production workloads use these VM sizes.

“We were in search of a reliable solution that could streamline our document management requirements. In this quest, Thorn Tech emerged as a game-changer, offering us an outstanding alternative to other systems that often involved complex setups, installations, and infrastructure hassles.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you only need a small number of SFTP accounts and want to avoid paying for servers running 24/7, the Single User Plan is a SaaS SFTP service and might be the best fit. 

When you want to manage your users and control which cloud storage locations their folders map to without involving Thorn Tech support, the Self-Managed plan is the best choice. This plan would make sense economically if the number of users in the Single User Plan exceeds your server hosting costs. Depending on your server types, savings may occur around the ten to the 12-user mark. 

Enterprise Solutions are designed for organizations looking for alternatives to costly legacy systems for managed file transfers (MFT). Our adaptable annual licensing gives you affordable alternative, comes with customization options and priority support.

For more, check out our blog post, "Choosing the right SFTP Gateway solution."

With the Single User Plan or Dedicated Hosting, no cloud account is required, though you are welcome to use your cloud storage account if you have one

For the Self-Managed plan, you must have an active AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud account to use SFTP Gateway. The Thorn Tech support team can guide you through setting up SFTP Gateway in your account.

Any SFTP Gateway folder can point to AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage, allowing for unique configurations for your business. For example, each user can have their cloud storage location on any cloud service, or two folders can be set up to transfer files from one service to another.

SFTP Gateway is less expensive and more user-friendly than AWS Transfer or Azure SFTP. SFTP Gateway allows for multi-cloud connectivity so that you can connect to and transfer files between different cloud services, such as AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage, all from one SFTP client of your choice. It's a simpler, more affordable cloud SFTP solution. 

With a Single User Plan, you can switch to a paid plan to keep using SFTP Gateway after your trial ends. All you need to do is add a credit card as your payment method (see this video for help). Otherwise, you'll lose access to SFTP Gateway. You'll receive emails to guide you through the process of switching to a paid Single User Plan. We can also help transition you to a Self-Managed plan if that’s the right fit for you.

With a Self-Managed Plan, you'll automatically be transitioned to a paid plan by your cloud provider. Charges will appear on your cloud provider bill after your 30-day free trial ends.

With Single User Plans and your files being stored in the default location, you will have 30 days to convert to a paid plan or your files will be removed. If you're using your own cloud bucket for file storage, the files will remain safely stored in your cloud storage account.

With the Single User Plan, you can cancel any time and your access to SFTP Gateway will end on your renewal date. For example, if you sign up on April 10, you can cancel anytime before May 10, and you will not be charged for an additional month of service. 

Self-Managed plans are billed hourly by the cloud provider. You can stop your server instance anytime to prevent further hourly charges.


With Dedicated Hosting, you'll have a contract, including details on how to cancel your plan.

With the Single-User plan, the default setting will connect you to a dedicated storage location in our account. To use your bucket, contact the Thorn Tech support team, who can help you.


With the Self-Managed plan, saving files to your cloud bucket using the admin dashboard is easy. New cloud connections to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Storage can be mapped to any user or folder. Please see the Knowledge Base, and our YouTube videos or contact the Thorn Tech support team for detailed instructions.


With Dedicated Hosting, the Thorn Tech support team will take care of all the details for you and map to any storage locations you’d like.

With SFTP Gateway, you can create multiple user accounts and assign them to different virtual folders. This allows you to control who has access to your files and data and ensure that only authorized users can upload, download, or modify files. 

You can add users to your SFTP Gateway account through the admin dashboard for the Self-Managed and Dedicated Hosting plans. 

With Single User Plans, only one SFTP user account is included. Additional user accounts cost $9 per month each. Please contact the Thorn Tech support team if you need to add another user or follow the instructions in this video.

Not yet, but this feature is coming soon with a new managed file transfer product we'll be releasing. For more information and to be a beta tester, please contact our support team at 

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